DJ Boozadelic A.K.A Clarke C Boozadelic. My first experience as a DJ dates back about to 1979. As a High School Junior, I was hanging out with a guy who started a mobile dJ service. He put me to work setting up for gigs. At one particular gig the DJ got so intoxicated that he passed out. I stepped behind the turntables and started spinning . I eventually started doing house parties and got on at my college radio station a couple years later as a jazz DJ .I loved listening to jazz but my real love was funk. I approached the station manager and suggested that we should play funk, soul and reggae on the weekends. They added a couple of late night slots which I immediately volunteered to take on. By years end I was promoted to music director. This was about the time hip hop started emerging. It immediately became my favorite genre of music to mix. Shortly thereafter I started mixing live on the air after seeing Jam Master Jay in the movie Krush Groove. My Friday and Saturday night shows became 2hour mix sets. Upon graduation from college I continued doing gigs until my daughter was born. I eventually gave it up and donated all my vinyl to a local station. 2 years ago I went to a Oakland Raider Game in Oakland. A college friend invited me to his pregame tailgate party. He had some DJ equipment set up. I said I really miss being behind the turntables. He talked me into picking it up again. I bought a controller and started putting my mixes on Mixcloud. The response from fellow DJ’s and my followers was amazing ! I immediately fell in love with the art and decided I was going to get back into radio. The technology in this digital age is awesome and I fully embrace it. I can still can still get down with vinyl too, but now that I’m older I find it much easier to carry external drives than crates of records.


Chris Dunn

Born in 1960,United Kingdom, reside in Lincoln.I am a Train Driver by profession and have a passion for Reggae music.
It was in the late 70’s that I found my love of Reggae Music, I worked on a production line where the music everyday was Reggae / Calypso / Soca piped through the works tannoy system.
At this time I was asked by my elder Jamaican Friend, Michael Alphonso Smith if I wanted to get involved with Discos ( he had the equipment but I had the transport and I jumped at the opportunity).This venture turned out to be actually playing at Jamaican House parties.
From this I went alone, established my own mobile disco and was rewarded with a Weekend residency at a working man’s club in South London providing music to get the crowds going before and after a live band.
Late 80’s I packed it all in, until it was resurrected in 2008 when I joined my works entertainment committee and could provide entertainment at works events at a fraction of the costs involved.
In 2012 I joined my local community Radio station providing a live 3 hour program of 70’s music,in 2018 I switched to Reggae and The Reggae Show with Chris Dunn was born.2019 and I no longer had the time to present through work commitments but after a few months an Internet Radio Station contacted me to provide a Reggae Show.within the year I had the show being broadcast in Cambodia,Canada,New Zealand,Spain and U.K.on about 16 radio stations.


Dezzy Mac

I have been djing for over 20 years and i stopped djing due to having my own family then my kids got older i explained to them how i meet my beautiful wife as i was dj when i met her and my kids asked me to start djing again and ever since ive started back up ive loved every minute.



I'm a mum off five children,I suffer from mental health and now im a dj for and my dj name is dj babyjayne only because that's what i was named after rod Stewart- babyjayne so i chosen that has my dj name i have been a dj now for a good couple months now and love every minute off it, im also doing it for the team ladies as im the only lady dj on ftm radio.



Manchester born moved to LA when I was 25 just when the warehouse underground night scene just got started. after years of being on the dance floor, I started djing in 2010 worked a few clubs over the years and now am in Washington playing on FTM radio. My dj name came to me funnily years before i dj’d I’d been at a party that went over 4 days and I had the same T-shirt on the whole time. Yes and on that t shirt was the word Mixwell so I became Mixwell.


Rock Lobster

I studied broadcasting in high school and at Southern Ohio College. I worked at WTHI FM radio in Terre Haute Indiana and The Loop, WLUP FM, in Chicago Illinois. I've been doing internet radio since 2005.I'm also an musician and spent 3 years in the US Army band before college, i also became a dj due to the love i have for music.


Steady Groove

Dj. Steady Groove the Turntable Astronaut... Borne and raised in U.S.A.Gary Indiana Living in Ansbach Germany .. Turntable Wizard , Vocalist , Musician , Song writter , Producer and School Teacher .. I'm constantly searching throughout the universe for the perfect beat !! Come fly with me !!! IBBP Intergalactic Beat Bangers Passport



DJ 20+ Years. DJ/CLUB/BAR/RADIO Old Skool, House, Techno, Trance Resident DJ Unfazed Events 90s Rave Manchester / Dejavu (Turnkey) Wigan Back in late 90s early 2000s I DJed in local bars, clubs in and round my hometown and a few house party's along the way. playing all styles of music from bounce, hard house, old skool, House, R&B, Hip Hop, Trance 2012 Blue-Print - Trance (Blackpool) 2012 Elekink Old skool, Funky, EDM based in wigan 2013 Rewire. House- Wigan 2014 Flux old skool. 2014 Rewire played EDM 2014 Dance Nation charity night I played deep and tech house with guest Davos legend piano player 2014 Pleasure Drome resident set @club retro, Farnworth playing old skool. 2014 Sunrise @Pure Wigan boxing day blow out Old skool piano 2015 Bowlers Manchester - Exxposure- old skool 2014 - 2016 Held resident DJ - Legh Arms (Home Town) 2016 I played at R-Base Manchester for Little Lottie charity along side Stu Allan 2016 Reverie Uplifting Trance Classics - Halifax (Vinyl DJ's Only) 2016 - 2017 - Held residents in my local bar Pied bull 2017 Unfazed 90s rave Manchester - Now hold a residence with them. 2017 - 2019 residence at Rosies Bar Earlestown 2019 - Present Day Dejavu ( TurnKey) - Wigan